Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Priors.... Episode TEN

Sarah starts to tell Kandy all about her first meeting with Neal 
"We were both dating other people at the time, I was seeing a guy called Peter and Neal was dating a friend of mine, Faith"
 "Faith and I decided it would be fun to double date and we went to SNARGO'S"
 "WOW! was Peter loaded too?" interrupts Kandy knowing Snargo's is very expensive.

" Well, lets just say he was doing OK! Anyway we went out to dinner together and I thought Neal was a bit of a.......well, bighead be truthful!"
Both girls start to laugh at this piece of information
"Go on" Kandy says wiping her eyes 
"So as the evening wore on I noticed that Peter was paying Faith a lot more attention than he was me, which meant I was left talking to Neal. 
As we talked I realized that he was not so bad after all and in fact we got on quite well."
  After the meal we had coffee's but I could tell Peter and Faith only had eyes for each other
Sarah pauses for breath
 " The next day Faith and I meet up for lunch. I could tell she had something on her mind she just could not look at me!"
 "In the end I got it out of her, she really fancied Peter and it would seem he felt the 
same! The had secretly exchanged phone numbers and had chatted away most of the 
night. Apparently Peter was going to talk to me that evening and well.......dump me I guess!"
 "Oh, that's horrible! What a cow! But how did you end up with Neal?" Kandy is shocked.
 "Well, it was only ever very casual with Peter so I told Faith to go for it and gave her my blessing. Six months later they got married!"
 " Both Neal and I were invited to the wedding and we both came on our own. I think Faith planed it that way and she sat us together at the reception! After the meal Neal asked me to dance, he made me feel so special.... like I was the only girl in the room"
 "After that he asked for my phone number and we started seeing each other"
 "Then Neal had a big job in Miami and he was going to be away for 4 months, he asked me to go with him so I left my job and we went to Miami"
 "We'd been there about a month when we were talking, I think we might have been a little tipsy"

 They both start to giggle "He asked me to marry him, I said yes and two weeks later we got married on the beach in Miami"
"So that was it! I was Mrs Hage!"
 "WOW! what a wonderful story! One to tell the children!!!" Kandy smiles at Sarah expecting her to laugh but instead she suddenly bursts into tears.
"What's wrong?? Why are you crying? What did I say?"
Then like a light bulb going on she realizes what it is she might just have said!

The Priors.... Episode NINE

2nd February about 11 o'clock in the morning 
So now we go back to Sarah who as you remember is laying in her bubble bath.....
"SARAH ARE YOU GETTING OUT ANY TIME SOON??"  Kandy shouts through the door
"Yes, yes I'm coming I wont be long" Sarah calls back.
With that she grabs her towel and starts to dry herself and get dressed glancing in the mirror she thinks to herself that she must stop with the cream cakes every time Kandy comes to call! 
Neal's just as bad always buying her favourite chocolates she's started to put on weight her clothes are getting a bit snug and even her boobs are looking  bigger!
When Sarah joins Kandy in the living room Kandy has a cup of tea made for her and.... yes, a yummy looking cream cake sits on the plate next to her cup!
" Are you and Neal in cahoots or something? What is it with you two trying to get me FAT?" Sarah grins.
"Well you don't have to eat it if you don't want to!" Kandy replies and with that snatches the cake up and takes a bite!
Sarah's laughs as Kandy sits there all indigent with a large blob of cream on her nose. 
"That's it laugh at me, why don't you!" Kandy splutters back at her and the both start to laugh even more.
Sarah hands Kandy a tissue to wipe her nose then suddenly her expression changers and she has a shape intake of breath "OACH!!! Now I've got a pain in my side, Darn you making my laugh so much you've given me a stitch!"
Kandy instantly serious "Are you OK?"
"Yes, of course I am! It's only a stitch" Sarah replies
"Well if your sure?" Kandy says with a look of concern on her face
"Don't fuss your getting more like Neal by the minute" Sarah admonishes her.
The girls sit quietly for a while then Kandy asks the question she has been wanting to ask for oh sooooo long. 
"Sarah what happened with you and Neal? How did you meet? Why did you leave him?"
 " Well the how did we meet is quite funny really........." Sarah starts to giggle.

The Priors... Episode EIGHT

So now we are all up to date
Lets go back to Neal on his way to visit his very pregnant 
sister Giselle

 Back to 2nd February
The journey to Giselle's goes without incident
  Neal knocks on the door and can't believe his eyes when Giselle opens the door..... talk about  cliché!
 "WOW! Harry's got his work cut out with you!!!! Bare foot and pregnant!!! You look gorgeous sis, how are you feeling?" Neal gives his sister a hug.  
 Giselle laughs as Neal pats her bump
  " I feel like a giant blimp!!!" she tells him.
Neal comes inside and drops his bag in the hall looking around
" Not quite finished with the decorating then?"he asks "I thought it was all systems go before you hatch?"
 Giselle hits him playfully on the arm " Yes, that was before Harry got more involved!
He's just sacked the guys that were working on the place... said they were not working fast enough! So now he buggers off to France and we have no one to finish the house!!!" *sigh*
 Neal follows Giselle into the living room
 "So have you heard from Harry yet?" 
 Giselle winces " Yes! about twenty times!!! The guy is driving me NUTS!!! You would think I was the only person to ever have a baby!"
 Neal smiles but Giselle can see the flicker of sadness that shows fleetingly on his face.
 "Harry's, a lucky guy" Neal says after a pause.
 "I'm sorry, this must be hard for you! How's Sarah?" Trying to sound like she cares (she liked Sarah at first but after she walked out on Neal and he was so devastated....)
 "Not very well actually! Her sister Kandy is staying with her for a couple of days, I think she's got a bit of a tummy bug! I phoned her on the way over in the taxi she says she's feeling a lot better but? ....."
 Neal shrugs his shoulders
 "I  hope she's OK?" now Giselle feels bad
 After closing her lap top Giselle rolls out of her seat "where's my manners? Would you like a drink or anything?" 
 "A cup of tea would be nice" Neal looks towards the lap top "So what you been up to sis? Looking for yet more baby stuff?"
"No, actually! I was looking for builders...and what do you mean 'more baby stuff'??Has Harry been talking?"
 " As my good friend Kumi is want to say I'll squish his beanbags when I see him!" Giselle giggles.
Neal laughs uncomfortably and feels the need to cross his legs " and how is that nutty chick and poor Simon? Still together?"
 Giselle smiles "well funny you should ask......" 
Neal follows Giselle into the kitchen and helps her with the tea.
Then they return to the living room and settle down for a looooong chat about there old friends, respective partners, Giselle's baby and a ton of other things......
 If you want to find out more about Kumi, Simon, Kumi's sister Yuri and her husband Lukas who live in Sin City link below
written by Amber
 Season2:Eps 5 - Sin in the City 9 (photo story) by APPark.