Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Priors.... Episode NINE

2nd February about 11 o'clock in the morning 
So now we go back to Sarah who as you remember is laying in her bubble bath.....
"SARAH ARE YOU GETTING OUT ANY TIME SOON??"  Kandy shouts through the door
"Yes, yes I'm coming I wont be long" Sarah calls back.
With that she grabs her towel and starts to dry herself and get dressed glancing in the mirror she thinks to herself that she must stop with the cream cakes every time Kandy comes to call! 
Neal's just as bad always buying her favourite chocolates she's started to put on weight her clothes are getting a bit snug and even her boobs are looking  bigger!
When Sarah joins Kandy in the living room Kandy has a cup of tea made for her and.... yes, a yummy looking cream cake sits on the plate next to her cup!
" Are you and Neal in cahoots or something? What is it with you two trying to get me FAT?" Sarah grins.
"Well you don't have to eat it if you don't want to!" Kandy replies and with that snatches the cake up and takes a bite!
Sarah's laughs as Kandy sits there all indigent with a large blob of cream on her nose. 
"That's it laugh at me, why don't you!" Kandy splutters back at her and the both start to laugh even more.
Sarah hands Kandy a tissue to wipe her nose then suddenly her expression changers and she has a shape intake of breath "OACH!!! Now I've got a pain in my side, Darn you making my laugh so much you've given me a stitch!"
Kandy instantly serious "Are you OK?"
"Yes, of course I am! It's only a stitch" Sarah replies
"Well if your sure?" Kandy says with a look of concern on her face
"Don't fuss your getting more like Neal by the minute" Sarah admonishes her.
The girls sit quietly for a while then Kandy asks the question she has been wanting to ask for oh sooooo long. 
"Sarah what happened with you and Neal? How did you meet? Why did you leave him?"
 " Well the how did we meet is quite funny really........." Sarah starts to giggle.

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