Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Priors... Episode THREE

 2nd February 
Early the next morning Neal was awoken by Sarah getting up to go to the bathroom. 
 After ten minutes she had still not returned....
"Sarah! are you OK?" Neal called out.
 "Yes, I'm fine just got a bit of a stomach ache!" Sarah calls back.
After a while Sarah had still not come back to bed so  Neal wanders into the bathroom where Sarah is sitting on the side of the bath looking very pale and grimacing with pain.
 "I think I must of eaten something yesterday?" Sarah winces.  
 "Are you sure your going to be OK?" Neal asks with concern in his voice.
 "Yes! Don't be silly, anyway Kandy will be here later so I won't be on my own. Now get ready or you will be late!" Sarah gives him a weak smile. 
She smiles weakly and gets up to leave the bathroom. Feeling weak at the knees but taking a deep breath she manages to walk to the bed were she collapses onto it! 
Sarah closes her eyes.....boy she feels odd!  
About an hour later Neal is ready to leave but Sarah is still lying on the bed, he comes over to kiss her his face full of concern.
"Are you sure your going to be OK?" Neal's voice is full of concern.
 "YES! now goooo!" Sarah tells him.
Just then the door chimes and Neal looking distracted goes to the front door. 
It's Kandy.....
"Hi Neal, every......" She takes one look at his concerned face and stops mid sentence "It's not Giselle is it? She is OK?"
"No, it's Sarah, she's not feeling well, but she said I should still go to Giselle's? I just don't want to leave her like this!" Neal sounds upset.
"Oh, she'll be fine! I'll look after her, no worries. go.... have fun! I'll phone you if your needed." Kandy waves towards to door.
"OK, I'll just go give Sarah a kiss goodbye" Neal turns back towards the stairs. 
Kandy follows him up stairs and enter the bedroom, Sarah is now asleep. Neal kisses her gently and Kandy shushes him out of the room.
"You will phone me if you need me?" Neal asks turning to Kandy.
"YES!!! now gooooo!" Kandy gives him her brightest smile.

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