Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Priors... Episode SEVEN

By evening Neal has calmed down a little, Giselle offers to stay the night as her husband Harry is away filming and won't be back for another couple of days. 
  "I'll be fine, I'm going to phone the hospital and then get some rest Sarah will need me to collect her in the morning" Neal pats his sisters hand.
  "OK, but you know to phone me if you need anything?"Giselle is uncertain.
  "Thanks, I will I promise" Neal sits there still looking totally devastated.
  Giselle squeezes Neal's hand and he kisses her on the check giving her a hug
  Neal phones the hospital and is told Sarah is resting and he can collect her in the morning! 
 The next morning Neal is up early having slept very little.

 He phones the hospital again and is told Sarah is with the doctor now but she should be OK to go home later this morning.
Arriving at the ward he asks a nurse for Mrs Hage's room  explaining that he is her husband.
 "I'm sorry Mr Hage but Mrs Hage has already discharged herself" the nurse tells him.
So now you know! That's how Sarah ended up at her sisters house at 1 o'clock in the morning and why after searching for Sarah for some time Neal eventually started to 'date' other women. Now they are back together but there is still one or two questions that need answering?
WHY did Sarah disappear from the hospital?
Why had Neal and Sarah been together for over a year and married for seven months yet Neal had never met Sarah's family?
And who was it with the note of uncertainty in there voice?

All of these questions and much, much more still to come?

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