Wednesday, 6 May 2015

The Priors... Episode FIVE

Still 2nd February about 10:30am 
 Back with Sarah and Kandy...... 
Kandy went through to the kitchen and made herself a cup of tea 
Then she made herself comfy on the sofa and started channel surfing on the TV
After a while she goes in search of some cookies but comes across some yummy looking cakes instead 'no wonder Sarah's putting on weight with lovely home made cakes in the cupboards!'
 She looks in the cupboard for a plate and helps herself to a large muffin
Going back through to the living room just as her mobile starts to ring, it was Rumi so Kandy sits down for a chat. 
As she finishes telling Rumi that Sarah had a bug or something 
Sarah enters "Oh! Hi Kandy, where's  Neal?"
"He left hours ago, boy can you sleep! how are you feeling? You are looking better" then she realizes she still has the phone line open to Rumi "put Sarah on....Kandy can you here me???? Put Sarah on!"
 Sarah holds out her had for the phone and Kandy hands it over and settles down to eat her cake
 "Sarah? Hi, how are you feeling?" Rumi's voice was raised a little trying to compete with baby Marc crying in the background.
 Does that baby do ANYTHING other thank cry and leak both ends? Sarah wondered to herself with a rye smile.
" Hi Rumi, I'm fine just something I had to eat! My! Marc's full of himself today, is HE OK?" 
"Oh, he's fine just a bit colicky I think?" Rumi sighs.
When Kandy has finished her cake her two sisters are still talking so she gestures to Sarah does she want a cup of tea? ....Sarah does!
Eventually Sarah gets the chance to make her excuses and say goodbye to Rumi. She hands the phone back to Kandy (who has just come back with tea for Sarah)
  Kandy pulls a face at Sarah "Oh! sorry Kandy, did you want to talk to Rumi?"
 "Ha ha,  all the same if I did! No, it's fine, Rumi can go on a bit! I guess it's being stuck on her own all day with Marc!" Kandy sits down.
"That baby's enough to drive a saint mad!" Sarah shudders.
After a cup of tea Sarah goes up and has a bath.... The stomach cramps have eased of now.
She lays back in the bath closes her eyes and wonders if Neal is at Giselle's yet? He's been so good and patient with her since the Suwi Narmi. 
 Letting her come to terms with things and not pressuring her to have sex....Sarah smiles, 
well they did make love at Christmas! Oh, things started of so well why did she run away? She should have stayed and sorted things out!
 Sarah goes back to when it all went wrong....... 

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