Friday, 14 August 2015


4.47 am 14th February
Arriving on the second floor Neal steps from the lift (elevator). He looks around and sees a closed door marked maternity. He strides across the hall and presses the buzzer
 BEEEEP ....Crackle crackle "Hello, can I help you?" comes the disembodied voice

 "Amm yes, I think you have my wife? Sarah Hage!"

 Brief pulse BEEEEEP click and the door opens

 On entering the large open room he sees a nurse at the nurses station who smiles at him and beckons for him to follow her

She knocks on a door and Kandy calls out "come in"
The nurse opens the door and steps aside so Neal can enter.
Suddenly he feels overwhelmed by all that's happening around him and his feet feel like led. He stands in the doorway not able to move. Sarah and Kandy both look over at him. Then he sees the mix of love and fear in Sarah's eyes, the look that must be mirrored in his own eyes?

 Pulling himself together he takes a step towards Sarah's bed. Two strides and he's at her side and she is in his arms. Kandy looks on and can't decide who's crying the most? "Amm... I think I'll just go and see if Chris is on his way?" she gets up a leaves

 No response from Neal or Sarah, not that she expected one! As she reaches the door she sees Chris getting out of the lift  (elevator)

 "I think it's time to go home now, I'll come back later!" she tells them.

Looking at her watch it's nearly 5 o'clock it will soon be morning! Boy, what a night!!!

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