Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Priors..... Episode Thirteen

The Priors Episode Thirteen.... A Dash to the Hospital

Just after midnight 14th February 

 Kandy travelled in the amberlance with Sarah while Chris followed along behind in his car. When they arrive at the hospital Sarah is rushed into A&E

 There she's examined by a doctor who confirmed she was in the last stages of labour! The doctor asks a nurse to locate Sarah's notes and to meet them in the Maternity wing

 Kandy stays with her holding her hand Sarah was almost silent by now except for the occasional grown! The nurse fixes up the heart monitor under the doctors instructions

The doctor signals to Kandy and asks her to follow her outside so she could talk to her

 "Sarah, I'm just going to pop outside for a minute I won't be long I promise." Kandy tells Sarah quietly

 Sarah nods and Kandy leaves the room

"We are very concerned about your sister.... Did she know she was pregnant? Does she have a partner? He should be contacted straight away!" the doctor asks

 "Oh, ammm? No! She did not know she was pregnant? Neal? Her husband he's on his way back he'll...." Kandy looks at her watch then at Chris who had joined her after parking the car

 "His plane will be landing soon!" Kandy turns to Chris "Chris ..... can you collect Neal from the airport?"

 Chris pleased to at last have an escape agrees and giving Kandy a quick hug turns on his heels and makes towards the exit. Just then a nurse appears and beckons to the doctor, they talk in a quick urgent whisper. Then the nurse turns to Kandy "Miss? sorry I didn't catch you name......?"

 "It's Kandy, Kandy Anderson!"
" Your sister is asking for you, we need to go back in" the nurse tells her.

 As they turn another nurse arrives with Sarah's hospital notes. The doctor takes them and starts to read them through. Kandy watches her face trying the read her expression.

The doctor examines Sarah again and talks quietly to the nurse. Kandy can't quite hear what the doctor is saying as Kandy is now at Sarah's head end wiping her brow.

 She just catches the odd word

 Twin? Specialist? .......Uterus didelphys?????........ 3000?

 Then the machines monitoring Sarah and the baby go haywire. The room fills up with medical people and Kandy finds herself being ushered out.

"But what's going on? My sister? Will she be OK? Please! I NEED TO KNOW" Kandy brakes down and starts to sob

A nurse comes over and puts her hand on Kandy's shoulder "their doing all they can! Dr Walsh is one of the best lets sit over here, I'll wait with you"

 "But don't they need you in there?" Kandy nods towards Sarah's room.

 "No, I can stay with you!" the nurse tells her.

 Then the door crashes open and Sarah is rushed along the hallway towards Operating Room One
1:30 am February 14th

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