Friday, 14 August 2015


4.45 am 14th February

Chris pulls up at the hospital doors and Neal jumps out "I'll park the car and be right in" Chris calls out to Neal's departing body

 Entering the hospital Neal looks at the sign board 'Ward One, Two, Three, ICU, Outpatients, Theatre, Maternity?'
'Well I guess it must be maternity?' Then he sees the receptionist at her desk

 "Excuse me, I'm looking for my wife, Mrs Hage she...we just had a baby?"he tell the receptionist

"Congratulation's!" She looks on her in-patient list

 "Oh, yes, she's just been moved to room three in the maternity suit. That's on the second floor. The lift (elevator) is just over there!" she points

Neal rushes to the lift (elevator) and presses the button "Come on, come on"

 A young woman stands next to him and smiles "Patience is a virtue" she tells him

 "Not when your wife has just had a baby and you miss the birth! Actually I missed the pregnancy too!" Neal tells her.

 Just then the lift (elevator) doors open and they both step inside. The woman gives Neal a strange look but politeness stops her from asking what he means. Instead she asks him what floor does he want?

 "Second, please" Neal grins "Maternity"

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