Thursday, 13 August 2015


Episode Sixteen

A little after 4.00am 14th February

At the airport....
"Neal! Hi, over here" Chris waves as Neal comes through the airport doors

Neal smiles and waves a slightly puzzled look on his face

 "Hi Chris, what you doing here? I thought Sarah would be collecting me?" Neal asks Chris puzzled.

 "Are...ammm...yes....well...Sarah's in hospital" Chris stutters.

 Neal's face goes ashen "What is it? what's the matter with her? Has she been in an accident?"

 "Amm....No, not an accident! I think she's fine? Look there's no easy way to say this....."
"WHAT? WHAT? what's the matter with her? Is it those stomach pains? I new there was more to it! What is it? appendicitis? gull stones? woman's troubles? Neal grabs Chris's arm.

 "Well I guess you could say woman's troubles........." Chris shuffles his feet not quite knowing what to say....."she's having a baby"

 Neal sways and then pulls himself together "WOAW there mate! Steady!" Chris puts out his hand to steady Neal
Neal looks at Chris totally incredulous "A baby? No, she lost our baby?" he says shaking his head
 By now they've reached Chris's car

 Now it was Chris's turn to look shocked "Sarah lost a baby? WOW! well she's having one now!"

Just then Chris's mobile (cell) rings. He takes it out of his pocket "It's Kandy" he says looking at Neal

 "Hi, Kandy............yes, Neal's here........OK"
 Chris turns to Neal and holds out his phone for Neal to take

 "Kandy, what the hell is going on? Chris said Sarah's HAVING A BABY!!!!!!"
"Yes, ammmm mother and daughter are fine" Kandy replies with glee.

 "YEHAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! I'm a dad!!!!!!!!! Oh, my god!........ I'M A DAD!!!!!!" he drops the phone and scrabbles around to pick it up again no easy job in such a small car!

 By now Chris has driven out of the airport and they are just joining the motor way "We'll be with you soon, Kandy! Kiss Sarah for me and tell her I'm on my way!" Neal tells Kandy once he has retrieved the phone

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