Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Priors..... Episode Fourteen

1:30 am February 14th
The following includes explicit  details of Sarah giving birth! If you are the squeamish sort please go strait to Episode Fifteen

For the rest of you lets continue with the story
So they rush Sarah towards the operating theatre but as they turn the corner Sarah screams and declares she needs to push and before the doctors can do or say anything she does and out comes the head! With a quick reverse they go back into the delivery room they had just left putting on their aprons as they go

  At the same time through the door bursts the paediatric team...

 "That's wonderful Sarah" says Dr Walsh trying to keep Sarah calm " now I just need to check the baby, please whatever you do, do NOT push just yet!" While she is talking in a calm and reassuring voice she quickly works to remove the cord from around the babies neck. This she does expertly having had many years of experience

"now when your ready we just need one more push and we will have the baby out"

 Sarah takes a deep breath and one almighty push the rest of the baby is delivered

 For a few seconds the room is silent then the nurse takes the baby over to a side table and starts to gently clear it's airway as another massages the chest

 Meanwhile the doctors examine Sarah and explain that she needs to deliver the afterbirth

 (I did say FULL DETAILS)
"One more push and it will all be over" Dr Walsh tells Sarah.  After a few deep breaths Sarah manages one last push and the afterbirth is delivered.
 "Well done Mrs Hage, it's all over now"

 Sarah looks at the doctor like she has two heads the Pethidine is working well by now! After all a couple of hours ago she was at home in bed she's in hospital having just given birth to a baby she did not even know she was having???
"A couple of stitches and Mrs Hage will be ready to be moved" Dr Walsh tells the nurse......

 "My baby? I can't hear a cry...should it not be crying or something?" Sarah manages to say.

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